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TDA Honors 2023 International Migrants Day

africa asia diaspora europe global imd latinamerica middleeast migration Dec 18, 2023

Did you know December 18 is International Migrants Day? It is estimated that there are over 282 million migrants in the world, as people on the move, and that is just the first-generation figure.  Those migrants have families, who have families, who have families that identify as part of the diaspora. 

At The Diaspora Academy, we believe the migrant journey is truly a universal one. We honor and reflect on the journeys migrants, of all backgrounds, have had to take, and we recognize our common universal thread.


Your ancestors, your parents, you and your descendants are all connected through the umbilical of the migrant.  At one point, someone, somewhere had to leave their home, whether of their choice or not, and took the harrowing steps to reach a new life.

For safety. For opportunity. For the future of their dreams.

Maybe they were a student or family member, or a worker in search of a greater life. Maybe they were refugees or asylees seeking protection.

Each migrant story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the richness of our global diversity. Migrants are more than what the news will tell you. They are the strongest of the strong, braver than most of us could ever imagine.

We celebrate the resilient spirit of those who've embarked on those journeys of hope, courage, and dreams. And we honor their lives, including those we've lost along the way, and those still with us today.

What's your migrant story?




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