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The Diaspora Academy with Semhar Araia

Our diaspora courses teach you the fundamentals for effective and impactful diaspora impact. Register today to gain new skills, re-discover your diaspora goals, and explore innovative ways to reach your diaspora audiences!

The Diaspora Academy offers customized courses and workshops designed to support and strengthen diaspora changemakers everywhere. 

Through our courses, you will be able to:

  • Dive Deep Into Your Diaspora Topic of Interest:¬†Our courses range from general introductions to the contemporary diaspora journey to specific diaspora topics related to philanthropy, fundraising, advocacy, entrepreneurship, cultural preservation, and creativity.¬†¬†
  • Articulate and Define Your Diaspora Change Goals:¬†Discover the tools and frameworks to clearly articulate your diaspora initiative's purpose, target audience, and impact goals.
  • Identify and Pursue Your Top Diaspora Priorities and Audiences: Gain insights into the diverse diaspora landscape, including its key stakeholders, trends, and challenges.
  • Offer Specific, Clear and Measurable Diaspora Deliverables for Positive Impact:¬†Learn how to develop a strategy with clear tactics and deliverables for your diaspora audiences.¬†
  • Develop Effective Diaspora Growth Strategies: Learn how to tailor your¬†diaspora growth¬†strategies to maximize your impact.

TDA’s courses provide you with the knowledge and tools to successfully connect with diaspora communities and achieve your organizational goals:

  • Understand Diaspora Engagement Fundamentals: Gain a comprehensive understanding of diaspora engagement principles, including cultural sensitivity, community dynamics, and impact measurement.
  • Identify and Connect with Relevant Diaspora Communities: Develop effective strategies to identify, reach, and engage with diaspora communities that align with your organization's mission and goals.
  • Build Meaningful Partnerships with Diaspora Leaders: Learn how to cultivate authentic partnerships with diaspora leaders, leveraging their expertise and networks to advance your initiatives.
  • Create Culturally Appropriate Engagement Strategies: Develop culturally sensitive engagement strategies that resonate with diverse diaspora communities and foster meaningful connections.