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Here Are The Two Most Common Diaspora Questions I Am Asked

Jan 29, 2024

I want to share the two most common questions I get for anyone exploring how to work with or engage with diaspora audiences. Many businesses, organizations and public offices aim to incorporate diasporas into their plans but don't know where to begin. 

They ask:
1) How do I reach this specific diaspora community to achieve my business goals? 
2) How can I create this specific diaspora organization or business to deliver this product or service? 

There are 2 key points to consider with the nature of these questions. 

First, it's worth noting both of these questions are end-results driven. The purpose behind each question is to get diasporas' support on an identified policy goal, product or service. Unfortunately, that misses the greatest opportunity with these audiences. 

I've sat with countless clients, partners and customers who approach diasporas with an invitation to work towards their respective entity's goal, not the diaspora's goal. 

Similar to approaching gender, youth and equality work, this is a demographic you include in the beginning not at the end of your business plan. 

Diasporas are deeply engaged in their own social, political and business economies, locally and globally. Approaching these communities transactionally or to come to them without any offering that supports their mission or the work they're already doing is to misunderstand their role in achieving your goals. 
Second, think about what your incentives are to this group. Is it relevant? Attractive enough? Worth their time, talent or treasure? This demographic is one of the most invested stakeholders in local and global economies, and will operate in it with or without you. Beyond remittances. 

They leverage their time, talent, and treasures at all costs, all year long. Attracting them to engage with you or do business requires you offer incentives that speak to their own vision, mission, values and goals. 

So before you ask either of these two questions - have you done your own work first before approaching them? Think about this or else you run the risk of wasting time, resources and the energy of all parties. 



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