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Digital Diasporas: Sudanese-Americans Preserving Culture Through Tech

#africa #digitaldiasporas #sudan Jan 16, 2024
Photo Credit: Hana Baba

I read this beautiful story by KALW's  Hana Baba capturing the lengths diasporas go to preserve their culture, history and heritage before it disappears. With so many digital tools at our disposal, digital diasporas are able to use the internet, technology, and now AI to help digitize, amplify and preserve their diaspora and homeland experiences in countless ways. 

In this case, the Sudanese diaspora are working tirelessly to support people on the ground, amplify the crisis in country, and preserve their identity, community, and heritage in the diaspora.

I remember growing up with Eritrean music cassette tapes during the war for independence, and recording multiple copies when boomboxes were finally available to own at home. we had three to four copies of every cassette tape, just in case.

It's the scariest feeling for diasporas to watch your country go through devastating destruction, war and conflict, putting your history, culture and identity at risk of disappearing.

Kudos to the Sudanese-Americans in the bay, and Sudanese all over the diaspora, doing everything they can to assist, amplify, advocate and preserve their cultural heritage. 

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