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Why I Launched The Diaspora Academy

#africa #digitaldiasporas #sudan arab asia diaspora europe global latinamerica semhar araia tda Jan 31, 2024

Today's the last day to register for Diaspora 101 and before we dive into it tomorrow, I wanted to take a brief moment to thank you for joining us on this tremendous launch!

It was truly years in the making.

And believe it or not - you've been with me since Day One in 2007, when I started my diasporas in development work.

I created The Diaspora Academy because very few spaces and institutions exist globally, who are focused exclusively on diasporas for business, education, training and support.

Living a hyphenated life, especially those of us who from the Global South, has meant we devote our full professional and personal energies to building meaningful lives for our families and communities here and there, to close social and economic gaps, and create opportunities for the next generation to have more than we did.

  • But who is investing in us - the diasporas?
  • Who is helping ensure we can effectively improve the economic, social, and political well-being of ourselves and our brothers and sisters, both here and there?
  • Who is investing and equipping us with the skills, resources and training to safely and thoughtfully use our time, talent and treasures towards the greater good?
  • Who is advising us on how to do it better, more effectively, and more realistically?

This is why TDA exists. To provide diaspora leaders with customized, nuanced training, education and support to improve their ability to drive positive social, economic and civic impact as diaspora changemakers.

Both here and in their homelands.

Many of you reading this have been navigating the world, balancing your hyphenated self. You might have been raised in a deeply diasporic, multicultural or immigrant experience or explored your heritage and now want to give back through a business, organization or initiative.

Whatever is motivating you, TDA will be here to help you drive greater diaspora impact through best practices, access to industry experts, live trainings and online resources.